Business Listing in VisitWPB

Important Information
This option allows local businesses in the Greater West Palm Beach to be listed in our website: VisitWPB.Com

There are many valuable benefits to list your business in VisitWPB.Com

- The website has a high traffic. More than 6,500 daily visitors and over 17,000 daily pageviews on average.
- Users using VisitWPB website are interested in all things West Palm Beach: events, things to do, attractions, tours, entertainment, dining options, outdoor activities, festivals, nightlife, art, cultural activities, concerts, and much more of what's happening in the city.
- There is a high likelihood our users can find your services though our website while searching on Internet Search Engines.
- There is a high likelihood our users can become your loyal customers if they find your business in our website as a reference.

Listing is $348 a year


You will be charged a fee of $348 now. This membership will be valid through 365 days starting from today. It will automatically renew 365 days from today. We will review your business 15 days in advance of each next renewal. If your business is not operating anymore, any future charge will not be processed.


You can cancel your membership from VisitWPB website at anytime. Though no refund for current memberships will be issued, no future charges will be processed after cancellation. If you cancel renewal of your membership during this current 365 days term, the listing will continue displaying on VisitWPB until day 365.

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