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VisitWPB and WPB Magazine deliver readers the most in-depth information possible in the city to reach a consumer-driven niche with best-in-class content.

Using our advertising opportunities and solutions will allow your business to connect and engage with consumers that are interested in all things West Palm Beach, chiefly about events, things to do, attractions, dining, arts, entertainment, and all that encompasses our area's lifestyle.

Use VisitWPB and WPB Magazine's print, mobile, digital, and social platforms to spread your business message to an audience that will likely respond.

Take a look below to see which opportunities you will find in our tools for advertising and what type of advertisement you can display in our media for a better ROI.

Check below how you can start advertising locally in our media and have a good Return On Your Investment



We provide various slots in our websites and to display advertising using Banner Ads of different sizes (728x90 px, 300x250 px, and 300x600 px) that can be static images, animated images, and videos. They are intended to generate traffic to your business by linking on it or answering to a call to action (make a call, email, download, etc). Regarding banner ads, the main effectiveness indicator is the click-through rate. Our media's rate is an average of 5.3% for each 100 impressions.



Surprising information shows that display advertising in print has several advantages over its online counterparts in a few ways. Our magazine offers your business the ability to cover a very broad area and reach a huge amount of people across a broad demographic, reaching a more Influential, affluent audience. If you're looking for a more captive audience that is likely to focus on your messages, you'll find it in our print magazine. Our current WPB Magazine' s circulation is 40,000 copies, Subscribers are over 8,200 and there's a Digital Version for computers and all digital devices (it also includes a built-in app).



Millennials now comprise nearly a fourth of the US population, so digital technology is a necessity, not a luxury. The medium for reaching Millennials is clearly digital. But Millennials are not very fond of traditional advertisements. Instead of focusing marketing only on ads, is great to focus on writing valuable content. Content that is informational and actionable is the key. If you provide millennials with information that can help them, they are more likely to think positively about your brand and become customers. We can provide our audience descriptive suggestions of your services periodically and that will increase attention to your business from 40 to 50% more than using only banner ads.


Email our Sales Department and we will assist you in your advertising needs.

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